Monday, November 24, 2008

A Pleasing Day

To avoid the word proud I will say I was very pleased with my Madi yesterday. What a very special girl she is. Yesterday at church she received her Young Womanhood Recognition and Medallion. She bore her testimony after and Jeff and I both thought she is so mature for her age. She truly has her priorities straight and has a love of the gospel and her Savior. To make me even more pleased with my children on this Sunday, I was able to watch as Taylor was set apart as the Beehive Secretary and Jeffrey was set apart as 2nd counselor in the Teacher's quorum. It gave me a moment to think about how pleased I am with each of my children and how thankful I am for the good examples they are to their peers and the good choices they make. Sometimes I can't believe that they can be so good. How did I get so blessed? I love and enjoy them all.

Madi's dinner of choice on her special day - Fettucini Alfredo with prosciutto and bruschetta. Uncle Tony made this for her before and she loves it now.

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