Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun the Idaho Way

The Day after Halloween the town of Weston Idaho gathers together. They all bring their pumpkins and the property owner brings some dynamite and a gun. The man in charge says a few words like "we are the most well known rednecks in the United States" (because of this activity which is shown on youtube called pumpkin blow). I was lucky enough to be able to catch a picture during the explosion. it was fun to watch. We were late getting there because Jeff had a church meeting that morning. Matt took his time bringing his pumpkins down one by one in hopes to kill some time so we wouldn't miss it. When we finally got there, everyone was yelling telling us to hurry and get up the hill - so all eyes were on us running as fast as we could up the hill, over the fence and to where everyone else was, watching and ready to go. We went to Matt and Aimee's for lunch after and to visit. They have quite a farm now and the kids had a lot of fun playing with all the animals.


Taylor and Dalis
Jillian, Madi, Mikayla and Eliza

Jeffrey and Matt out by the cows
Emma having fun with the other kids throwing the chickens and watching them fly
Olivia, NOT afraid of the dogs. This was huge so she wanted to make sure we took lots of pictures with her and the dogs.
Cute little Jillian. The Sharps have the cutest kids.
Another cutie, Eliza with their new puppy.
This is the flume we float down in the summer by the Sharp's house.

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