Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Parties

In California I think every elementary school had a Halloween carnival but apparently in Kaysville only one does in the whole town. It is now so big that they have it at the high school. I feel sorry for the PTA because I can't imagine all the work that goes into putting it together and cleaning it up. Taylor's friends have parents that helped with it so she was able to help with her friends. They all went shopping the night before and bought matching shirts for the fun of it.
Olivia had her class party that I was in charge of as the room mom. It was fun being there with her but I was very sad that I couldn't make it over to Emma's class and be a part of her party also. I'll have to work something out for the valentine party so I can make it to both.

Taylor and her friends at the Burton Elementary carnival
Olivia grabbing for free tacos and ice cream coupons at the carnival
practicing their shot for the balloon dart board
I thought this was a cute picture with Olivia on one side and Taylor on the other side of the booth
Olivia the mummy at her class party

Olivia and her friend Natalie
This wasn't a Halloween party but it was the only picture I could get of the kids at the Kenneth Cope concert before my camera's battery died. I could have taken a picture with Kenneth Cope also if my camera was still working. Oh well, I'm sure we will have other opportunities out here. The boy next to Jeffrey is his friend Brooks Hunsaker.

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Kiera said...

wow... looks like you were having loads of fun madi!!! lol... tyical... i miss you guys so much!