Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Our tradition for Halloween has always been to have Mena and Holly's family over for dinner and trick or treating but with the move to Utah, comes new traditions . This year we had the Dorius's over and had dinner and trick or treating with them. Emma and Olivia are our only trick or treaters left which made getting ready for Halloween easier for me. We started with the ward trunk or treat at the church which was huge. The girls had fun with their friends and then the Dorius's showed up to walk around with them also. We came home and had dinner and then Taylor took the girls out to go around a few more blocks. Jeffrey and Dallin helped out in a haunted forest that our friends from the ward put together so we took the kids to that. Olivia was pretty scared even though it was her brother that was running after her with a chain saw. It was a fun Halloween and with the holidays upon us, we are beginning many fun new traditions.

Olivia and Emma ready for the night

Emma scared pointing at the spider web.
Emma singing a Hannah Montana song
Olivia the beautiful princess and Emma as Hannah Montana
Emma with her good friend Kennady
Olivia with her good friends Kaitlyn and Megan and Megan's little sister Kaitlyn
Olivia, kaitlyn, Emma, Nicolene and Mahri
Jeff, Madi, Mikayla, Tanya and Nathan watching scary movies
This was a scary house - Emma wouldn't even get out of the car

same scary house - click to see larger view to get more detail. This house is a little scary even when it's not Halloween
Madi's costume. Just kidding she was having fun with Emma's wig. FYI she has 12 bras on.
Jeffrey and Dallin as zombies for the haunted forest

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rad6 said...

All looks like a blast. I was thinking... WHOA!, madi got busty... thanks for clearing up the overnight growth confusion... she is funny. Love the exploding pumpkins.. that is halarious!

How fun to be closer to Matt and Amy.