Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The kids had a few days off school this past week so we had some fun. Thursday, I didn't see any of them. I was home all alone as each of them went to a friend's house and hung out/played. Friday we decided to go to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. It is a fun, fall festival type thing. Nothing sounded like much fun to Madi and Mikayla unless it included hanging out at a friends house so I figured I'd save myself some money and leave them home. I won't do that again because we missed them being with us. Wish Jeff could have joined us too. I love when we are all together having fun.

Food for the road. It wasn't until I saw this picture that I realized all the junk food we got. Yikes!

So, as we are driving I see this car full of potatoes in the back. Then I saw the license plate - "oh, they're from Idaho". Now it makes sense.

Taylor taking pictures in the car. Love their blue eyes in this photo.

June Bug


Pig races

haunted house thingy

inside the 3-D haunted house.

The 3-D haunted house is a fun idea.

Fun slides

They had a princess area where you could play dress up. The girls loved it.

I should say the little girls loved it. Why do they have to outgrow these things?

Inside the corn maze. It was in the shape of Larry H. Miller's head.

Inside a smaller maze. It was really dark in there.

In this maze you could only make right turns.

Schmeffer let us get a picture of him.

paint ball. All Mikayla noticed in this picture was the cute boy in the background.

LOVE this picture

All corn. The girls had so much fun in this but got really dusty.

They loved falling forward while this deep in the corn.

tractor race

Jeffrey and Taylor racing

Jeffrey wanted be in the very back on this because it looked like it was going to tip over all the time.

Cute picture

Love this picture of Taylor on the bouncy pillow's. Her hair is huge. She said it hurt her back bouncing on it, that's why she is holding her back.

love, love, love little girls - they make life so fun with their excitement for everything.

They all loved these bikes. The seat turns too. I need to find one of these.

"I'm a cowboy and I can Lasso anything!"(quoted from of one of my favorite Mercer Mayer books).

Dinner after at Applebee's because we couldn't find a good sit down pizza place. I don't think Utah has one. Taylor is wondering why her bun is on the table. I am reminded there are very few restaurant's I like to eat at - this is not one of them.


Cherie said...

Looks like fun! They had ALL the Halloween activites there didn't they. I love Thanksgiving Point - even the name.
Love the pictures in the car.
The Idaho truck one made me laugh because, of course, that is where I live and I have never had my truck full of potatoes...but I am thinking about it now - hee hee!

Fairy Godmother said...

Pizza in Utah -- CPK!!! There are some okay ones in provo. I love Thanksgiving point and have spent much time and money there. My mom isn't far at all from there. We used to go to the dinosaur museum all the time too! The kdis are so grown up..Taylor is looking like a teenager. Gorgeous. I HATE that they have too grow up. I love all the fall stuff. Miss yoU!