Thursday, October 8, 2009

Conference Weekend Oct. 2009

Our family loves conference weekend. General Conference is every six months in our church and is a time when the prophet, apostles and other leaders in the church speak to us and give us council. The message I got loud and clear this conference was to love and serve others. Conference is Saturday and Sunday with two, two hours sessions each day and a priesthood session for the men on Saturday in the evening. Jeff and Jeffrey go to the priesthood session together while us girls find something fun to do together while they are gone. It can be a long time for little kids to sit quiet and listen but we make it fun by planning a yummy menu and having some quiet time activities out while listening to the speakers. I have never heard a complaint from any of the kids, instead they all look forward to conference weekend. As I have tried to figure out what it is the kids like so much about it, my conclusion is that it is a time when the family is all together with nothing else going on and getting in the way(soccer games, dance are missed on this Saturday).

Lunch time menu -chicken salad on crackers, strawberry smoothies and grapes.

As Jeff and I were sitting at the table behind Mikayla, all we could see is a small group of hairs standing straight up on her head. Can you see it?
Table set up to eat at so no one eats on the carpet or couch. Jeff's a stickler.
We have some usual's that we eat every conference and eggs Benedict is one of those. The weather was cold and wet Sunday morning which I love. It is fun when you know you aren't going anywhere and can stay inside comfy with some hot chocolate.
This is what the floor in front of the tv looks like every conference. Emma and Olivia like to find the person who is speaking and pull up his picture for us all to see.

Emma took this picture of President Thomas S. Monson from our pile of pictures on the floor.
Break in-between sessions and everyone is out playing with the chickens.
One of our new chicks and Taylor thinks it is going to be a rooster - time will tell. Love the get-up Taylor.
I think Madi pays better attention than any of the kids. She is a great girl, Very spiritually minded and strong in the gospel.
Mikayla is also wonderful, so caring and loving(and silly).
Snuggling and listening intently.
We had a special guest for dinner Sunday. Elder Ricks(Virgil) who was a missionary in Rocklin while we were there was coming down from Idaho with his girlfriend and her brother for the weekend so they stopped by to say hi and joined us for dinner. He is a great guy, we enjoyed visiting with them.

I found a Master Mind game at my friends garage sale recently. We have had a lot of fun playing it. When Virgil saw it, he showed Kayla and Brian(his friends) how to play. I think they enjoyed it also.
Fun, fun family weekend and the guests for Sunday dinner really topped it off.

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