Saturday, October 31, 2009

Class Halloween Parties 2009

Emma and Olivia had their class Halloween parties and I was in charge of both. It was a little crazy running back and forth but I was glad I could go to both - next year I won't plan both though. In this elementary school parents are not invited to attend the parties unless you are a part of the planning - and you can't bring siblings. In California you were welcome to join everything. I love being there when they have parties and field trips.

This is my friend Jacqui and her daughter Addie who is in Olivia's class. Jacqui made slime for the kids and had a great presentation.

Jill is our PTA president and her son Bronson is a friend of Olivia's.

Pictures got a little mixed up. This is Emma in her class party playing the touchy feely game.

Mummy wrap in Emma's class.

Emma and her grill.

Stephanie being silly.

Not sure what's going on here.

Funny kids in Emma's class.

Olivia and her sticky eye.

Olivia and her best friend Katelyn.


silly again

Olivia has a lot of silly boys in her class.

this is my dear friend Tera and her daughter Katelyn.

These boys were watching Thriller.

Had to call in the troops to help me with both parties. Such good helpers.

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