Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prom 2010

It feels like another milestone - kids old enough to go to their high school prom. Madi and Mikayla had so much fun preparing for and attending the prom. It was all they talked about for about a month(or more). I had a lot of fun helping in the preparation for the big night. The dance was at the State Capitol and they had dinner before at Biaggi's.The night turned out to be everything they hoped it would be and they looked like princesses.

This is the whole group.

The girls went to the beauty school a week before to try out the hairdo they wanted. Madi wasn't too pleased with what they did so I did her hair for the prom. I should have done Mikayla's too since they didn't do her's the same way she liked it when they did it the first time.

The girls got spoiled because Kelli, who is a pro at doing make up and who has an entire stores worth of make up in her bathroom, agreed to do their make up.

Madi's date,Tyson, showed up first.

And lucky for all of us Grandma was there to help put the boutinere's(sp) on.

I guess the girls and I are going to have to figure this out before next year.

Too cute!

Mikayla and Dallin

Madison and Tyson

how fun to have a twin to share this big day with

if only I could get rid of my shadow in the picture

ok so this poor kid on the end was sitting in the car the whole time so I told him to get out and get in the picture too

And they're off!


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