Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Activity for Prom

It is not enough anymore to just have a dance for prom. Actually, for every dance at school. The day before each dance you must also have a day activity. I hear the original purpose for this was in hopes that the teenagers would just go home after the dance and not stay out so late doing other activities after the dance. I don't know who thought that would work. The activity Madi and Mikayla's group did was this bounce house in Provo. They had a great time.

Madi and Hollie

In'n'Out after the bounce house

Unfortunately Mikayla's car load went somewhere else so we don't have pictures of her after. Why don't they just let me tag along to be their photographer everywhere they go?

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Fairy Godmother said...

Carolyn -- I'll post once even though I just caught up with all your pix and stories! I love seeing the kids. They are so beautiful and grown up. Can you believe you'll be sending them off sooner than later? time flies. Looks like life is full of so much fun and happiness! Hooray for you guys. That's what it is all about!