Friday, October 22, 2010

Dakota's Blessing and Beyond

Everyone loves sweet little Dakota. We were able to be a part of her blessing day and join the Brown family for a breakfast after. The brown's have a great family, we enjoy their company.

So maybe this post starts even earlier than her blessing. We went to visit Kelli and Dakota in the hospital. Dakota is a day old in this picture.

Downtown Leroy Brown even got to hold his daughter for a few minutes.

Kelli with her beautiful mother and sister with Riley and Rose.

My girls all love Dakota. They are stealing her all the time.

See? Mikayla loves her so much she still smiles even when Dakota spits up on her.

Mikayla talks about how cute Dakota is all the time.

So maybe Dakota is crying in this picture but I still thought it was a sweet picture of Olivia kissing her. 


rad6 said...

is this the same gal we borrowed the light from???

Carolyn said...

Yes.How do I take off the identity thing so people don't have to do all that to leave a comment?

Carolyn said...