Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our first visitors

How excited we were when we received a call Saturday from Susan saying she and Scott were in town and wanted to come by and see us! It was fun to have them here and visit with them and Rusty who is back here already attending BYU. Thanks for coming by Sue, Scott and Rusty! I guess I'm not being fair to Kiera Davis who was really our first visitor from home. Kiera came by in July after EFY and spent the day running around shopping in Salt Lake with Madison and Mikayla.


rad6 said...

Hey looks like you figured it out. Kiera has a fun claim to fame I guess in being your first visitor from home!!

uniongalsal said...

sounds like your suriving in utah.we miss you all but every one looks good in the pics.union galsal

Kiera said...

haha...nice pic!